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"I believe in ALLAH, in His Angels, His Scriptures, His Prophets, the Day of Judgment, and in the fact that every thing good or bad (in the world) is pre-destined by ALLAH the Exalted, and in the resurrection after death."

Belief of a Shia for Taqi'ah is:

They all agree that Taqi'ah is a prescribed duty and a pillar of their faith. Their schools of thought could not stand without it. They learn its principles and methods and they practice it, especially if they are in dire circumstances. They exaggeratedly praise and flatter those whom they consider disbelievers, whom they consider deserving of slaughter and destruction. The verdict of Kufr is passed on anyone who is not of their sectarian school, and for them "the end justifies the means". Their ethics allow every manner of lying, cunning and deception.

The word Taqi'ah literally means that concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical or mental injury. A one-word translation would be "Dissimulation." The above definition must be elaborated upon before any undertaking of this topic is to ensue. Although correct, the definition suffers from an apparent generalization, and lacks some fundamental details that should be construed. First, the Concealment of one's beliefs does not necessitate an Abandonment of these beliefs. The distinction between "concealment" and "abandonment" must be noted here. Second, there are numerous exceptions to the above definition, and they must be judged according to the situation that one is placed in. As such, one should not make a narrow-minded generalization that encompasses all situations, thereby failing to fully absorb the spirit of the definition. Third, the word "beliefs" or "convictions" does not necessarily mean "religious" beliefs or convictions. With the above in mind, it becomes evident that a better, and more accurate definition of Taqi'ah is "diplomacy". The true spirit of it is better embodied in the single word "diplomacy" because it encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of behaviors that serve to further the vested interests of all parties involved.

Apart from all this defination the main theme of Taqi'ah is:

It is an act of pure hypocrisy that serves to conceal the truth and reveal that which is the exact opposite (of the truth). Furthermore, according to Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), Taqi'ah constitutes a lack of faith and trust in ALLAH (s.w.t) because the person who conceals his beliefs to spare himself from eminent danger is fearful of humans, when in fact, he should be fearful of ALLAH only. As such, this person is a coward by the rules of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). The main theme for this Taqi'ah is that to hide the beliefs from all Sunnis and to be with them and disturb their concepts and to cut the roots of their belief. This is because most of the population about 90% is of Sunni's in the entire world. Just to see what they have done with our Islam since 1400 years, just because of this Taqi'ah is;

1. To take the names of the Ahl-e-Bayt from the name of Imam, as Hazrat Hussain (r.a) as Imam Hussain, Hazrat Hassan (r.a) as Imam Hassan.

2. To make a doubt for the character of Hazrat Muawiyah (r.a).

3. Made so much false stories against Karbala that not 5% Sunni Muslims really know what actually happened in Karbala.

4. Made Yazeed a culprit in the eyes of all Sunni's that no one dare to keep the name of his son as Yazeed.

5. As by the Sahih Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), the coming of Hazrat Mehdi (r.a) from Saudi Arabia, made that issue as the coming of Imam Mehdi for which most of the Sunni's (Muslims) even not aware of.

Apart from all this, the Taqi'ah is not any belief of a Muslim from any sense. It may be enquired from any renowned Scholar of any Islamic University (Madrasa). It is not the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and not the path on which Sahabah (r.a) been. May ALLAH, bless with His bounty and let us to be away from this Shar of the Shia's. Ameen!




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